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Laura Bosneag

Sales Manager
Tel.: +40 746 036 503

Technical Support

Daniel Ionita

Technical Director
Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Human Resources

Liviu Mocanasu

Human Resources Manager
Tel.: +40 374 159 188


Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Legal Department

Santa Cristescu

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +40 374 159 147

Joint Ventures

Cristian Balasa

Business Developer
Tel.: +40 755 013 934

Rapid Bingo™

Game Facts


Rapid Bingo™

Rapid Bingo™ is the dynamic Keno game innovation with a 2 Balls Bonus Draw feature. Players can select between 2 and 10 spots from the numbers 1 to 80. 20 balls are drawn from a set of 80 balls. Prizes are awarded according to how many of the selected spots match the balls that were drawn.

Range of Bets: 2-10

Game Features: 2 Balls Bonus Draw: Certain combinations of selected spots and matches offer the chance to buy 2 extra balls for the price of the initial bet. The final prize awarded is for the number of matches after the additional 2 balls have been drawn.