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Laura Bosneag

Sales Manager
Tel.: +40 746 036 503

Technical Support

Daniel Ionita

Technical Director
Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Human Resources

Liviu Mocanasu

Human Resources Manager
Tel.: +40 374 159 188


Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Legal Department

Santa Cristescu

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +40 374 159 147

Joint Ventures

Cristian Balasa

Business Developer
Tel.: +40 755 013 934

Hot Chance™ (Impera Line)

Game Facts

Reels: 3
Lines: 5

Hot Chance™ (Impera Line)

Hot, hotter, “Hot Chance“. Take your “Hot Chance“ and win large prizes with special symbol combinations! Unforgettable enjoyment and fun are guaranteed with this enthralling 5-line, 3-reel game in Full HD quality.

Game Features: PLUMS, ORANGES, LEMONS or CHERRIES trigger the „Hot Chance Feature“ when 9 identical fruit symbols appear on each position of the three reels (Special bonus). The REWIN FEATURE SYMBOL may double the win up to three times.