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Laura Bosneag

Sales Manager
Tel.: +40 746 036 503

Technical Support

Daniel Ionita

Technical Director
Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Human Resources

Liviu Mocanasu

Human Resources Manager
Tel.: +40 374 159 188


Tel.: +40 374 159 000

Legal Department

Valetina Iacob

Legal Adviser
Tel.: +40 374 159 147

Joint Ventures

Cristian Balasa

Business Developer
Tel.: +40 755 013 934


Top Features


This innovative single player Roulette is activated by the player using a traditional pinball launching mechanism to deploy the ball into the Roulette wheel or, alternatively, a start button on the right hand side of the hand rest.

Panther Roulette™ and Panther Roulette™ II play exactly to the defined rules of Roulette. The key factor is enhanced player interaction with the game. The guest can be both player and croupier at the same time. Panther Roulette™ II comes with a comprehensive multi-game offering of 23 HD video slot games which is optionally available for Panther Roulette™, as well.

The Panther Roulette™ II additionally features a second 32“ full HD LED screen in a vertical position
on top of the machine with FLIPSCREEN® Feature.

  • Innovative Pinball launching mechanism for increased player interaction
  • Start button for maximum player comfort
  • 24‘‘ Full HD LED touchscreen main monitor
  • Extra 32“ Full HD LED monitor with FLIPSCREEN® Feature for Panther Roulette™ II
  • HD multi-game offering of 23 video slots
  • Leading-edge machine design and attractive style
  • Illuminated Roulette wheel
  • Bill acceptor
  • Coin acceptor
  • Hopper
  • Electromechanical counters
  • Multi-language options
  • Ready for TITO and online systems
  • Top safety standards
  • Maximum usability for the guest
  • Easy handling and maintenance for the operator