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FV624 Duo-Classic™


Duo-Classic™ - A safe bet to improve your business!

The Duo-Classic™ cabinet boasts all of the advantages of the modern gaming cabinets manufactured by NOVOMATIC, offering yet another superior enhancement for International gaming floors.

Combining all the compelling qualities of its elder sibling, the already legendary Gaminator®, the cabinet features the maximum in space optimisation, highest quality measurements and sophisticated high-tech components, whilst presenting an elegant style designed to attract players all over the world.

  • Space-optimised stream-lined cabinet of only 440mm total depth in elegant silver.
  • Two extra-large TFT screens contained in one cabinet.
  • Full range of Coolfire platform features and game functions.
  • Compatibility with most common bill acceptors.
  • Easy conversion handling.
  • Modular design with configuration options for use of reels plus TFT monitor and dual screens.
  • Superior stereo sound with up to 4 loudspeakers integrated.
  • Player tracking conveniently located within the door-in-door area, or optionally in special player tracking top.